Friday, November 13, 2015

RC EYE One Xtreme

RC EYE One Xtreme 

 RC EYE One Xtreme (Mode 1)

I bought me a little RC EYE One Xtreme about 6 months ago.  I flew the quad in the yard and around for about 2 months. Seemed like I was always bending motor shafts in some of my crashes.

 Bad Crash 1

I finally broke the plastic frame and replaced it with a Polycarbonate  from Phoenix Flight Gear. It was a lot stronger that the stock frame. 

 Bad Crash2

I flew if for another month or so and crashed so hard till I broke the power pins off the flight controller. I had stared reading post on all the forums about flight controllers. I decided to give OpenPilot a chance (I really liked that it was open source). I ordered a Andoer DIY FPV 260 V1 G10 Mini Multicopter Quadcopter Frame Kit 260mm from Amazon (later figures out all it was was a Diatone clone)

Goodbye RC EYE One Xtreme


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