Saturday, February 10, 2018

Spirit 600mm Wingspan EPP FPV Racer Flying Wing RC Airplane KIT

This is my second Banggood Spirit 600mm EPP FPV Racer build. The first one I made as light as possible (110 grams, less battery). I love to fly it when there is no or little wind.
  • Emax 6 amp ESC
  • Turnigy 1811-2900 with a 4x4.5 prop.
  • Emax ES9251 2.5g servos.
  • FRSky XMR (micro receiver)
  • Turnigy 2S 1000 mah Battery

  • This is the FRSky XMR micro transmitter used on both planes. It only has solder pads. Not telemetry and range is about 900 ft, I've never lost control on this receiver.
Original Spirit (110 grams not batter)

Original Spirit aileron servos in fuselage.

This new Banggood Spirit 600mm EPP FPV Racer build should penetrate better with the added weight (180 grams, less battery) and stiffening up the wing with carbon rods and laminate.
  • Emax 12 amp ESC
  • Turnigy 2211-1700 motor with 5.45 prop or maybe a 6x45
  • Turnigy 3S 1000 mah battery
  • Tower Pro SG50 Micro Servo
  • FrSky XMR micro receiver
  • Caddix Turbo Micro S1 Camera
  • FXT FX806TC - 5.8GHz 25mW Race Band Detachable VTX
Looks like it is going to rain tomorrow, so no maiden. Maybe next weekend
I'll post more pictures as the build progresses.

This is my first Caddix camera.

Turnigy 2211-1700 motor

Before laminating the wing and ailerons. Used some small solid carbon fiber rods to stiffen up the wing

I laminate the wing and ailerons. Not sue if I'll do anything the fuselage?. 
Had these servos laying around.

Moved the servos to the top of the wing for better authority.

Only thing left are the fins.

The carbon rods really stiffen the wing up.  I don't think 3 s will be a problem at all.

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